I have often wondered what it would be like to have a younger or older brother. Someone that is close to your age. I have a sister one year younger. She was a cheerleader in high school, I was the kid that "Nobody knew". Imagine sitting behind somebody all school year long, and on the last day of class they turn around and say "Are you new here?" THAT was me. I can say this though, after witnessing brothers compete, argue, fight with each other,  I had none of that with my sister- The only thing she and I would wrestle over was the remote control. So obviously it's not a rare sight to see brothers on the same team, little league, to high school. Think about this though, there are six sets of brothers on a 26 person team - here in Bismarck!

According to KFYRTV, the Bismarck High School boys swim team is loaded with 12 brothers. Well for one, that's less wear and tear on a school program, only have to spell the last names in pairs. This is Josiah Penn’s last season in the pool. The Bismarck High senior been swimming for the Demons since seventh grade and for the past two years, his twin brother Micah has been by his side. BHS head boys swim coach Cale Schafer sees the unity first hand “Close to half our team is brothers, It seems to me, when a family gets involved in the sport, they stay committed to it because they see what a good tight knit group of athletes it is. The camaraderie is great"

Thank goodness for the parent's sake they are all on the same team!


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