At the end of September, we learned Bismarck is getting an indoor football team. About a month later, the team remains nameless.

We've learned a lot about the team's first player, their head coach, we even know their schedule.

Head Coach Rich Davis told us they were not having a traditional 'name the team' contest but it seems the team is still having trouble coming to a consensus.

Last week, the team's official Facebook page invited fans informally to submit their ideas for a team name.


The team has also hit the streets of Bismarck to get ideas.


Wish, the morning guy on Cool 98.7 (and author of this article) has been very vocal about his ideas for the team name.


Other media in the area have also joined in on the fun.


They have even invited children of all ages to suggest a team name.


There are less than 150 days until the first home game. Hopefully the team can come up with a name soon. What would you name the team?

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