Bismarck Public Schools Music Teachers will put on a virtual concert tonight, Wednesday, May 6th for students.   The concert will take place at 7 pm called “Over Educated & Friends: Concert for Kids”.

You can watch the concert when you CLICK HERE.  According to a press release from Bismarck Public Schools " Nearly 40 BPS current and former employees have helped put together this event. Thanks to Centennial 3rd grade teacher Beth Kocis for inspiring this idea and Rob Peske, BPS elementary orchestra instructor, for running with it."

Teachers in the band include Bob Peske (Bismarck High School), Rob Peske (Bismarck Public Schools), Mark Herold (Legacy High School) and Mike Walz (Legacy High School) on sound.

Appearing via video: Neil Tafelmeyer (Bismarck High School), Jeremy Overbeck (Century High School), Jim McMahon (SMS), Pat Phillips (HEC) and about 20 Bismarck Public Schools teachers contributed to a song and video assembled by Brian Saylor (Bismarck High School).

Others involved in the project include: BPS aide Naomi Vetter (Bismarck High School), former Century High School teacher Tim Peske, former track coach Sage Walz (Legacy High School), substitute teachers Randy Upgren, Ernie Hockett & Becca Walz, current Bismarck Public School student Ben Peske (HMS), and child OT Pam Upgren.

So gather round the computer tonight with the kids and check out something special.  This event was put together by our AWESOME teachers with Bismarck Public Schools.  Once again, this virtual concert will take place at 7 pm tonight.  The link again to watch?  CLICK HERE





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