It was an absolute tragedy that triggered some really ironic comedy.  Maybe it's more slapstick comedy, as I feel Governor Doug Burgum is lining up for the proverbial pie in the face.


A pie with a side dish of crow. Which he might just have to eat.

Let's go back to May of 2020 when the Associated Press reported that Governor Burgum was shoveling $1 million into a Political Action Committee.  A committee whose goal was...

Robbie Lauf, Burgum’s former policy adviser and the head of his first election campaign, has said in emails that the PAC was formed to “help elect conservative Republicans who share the governor’s vision.” Lauf said it’s supporting candidates in six legislative campaigns and state treasurer

The goal was to unseat some party politicians that had bucked heads with Doug in his first term as governor.  A position he earned by winning the primary against then GOP endorsed candidate, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.  Quite a coup on Burgums part running as a political outsider.

Well, once he got inside, it seems Governor Burgum preferred some different insiders. More specifically, making pain-in-his-butt long time District 8 Rep. Republican Jeff Delzer an outsider.  He did so by helping kick Jeff's butt to the curb in the June primary and bringing in the presumably more in-line tandem of Dave and David.  That whole story is right here.


Then comes the tragedy.  David Andahl, District 8 Republican candidate, dies from complications of the coronavirus. Still on the ballot, the tandem of Dave and David would go on to stomp their Democratic NPL opponent in the election.

So what to do with the vacant seat won by David Andahl?

Governor Burgum rushes in on a white steed appointing BNI Energy president Wade Boeshans to the vacant position.  That was after Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem had advised him it wasn't part of his governmental powers.  I wrote about that in my Big Coal Is Now In The House story here.

So the Associated Press is now reporting

Rep. Jeff Delzer was named by Republican district activists at a nominating convention Wednesday night to succeed David Andahl, who died Oct. 5 from coronavirus complications.

The kids call it ROFL- "rolling on floor laughing" which is what we should all be doing.

There's more...

Democrats also agree that Burgum has no authority to fill the seat. They are set to argue in the state’s high court that their candidate, Kathrin Volochenko, should be the next representative for the district because she got the next-highest number of votes in the race.

Democrats, has that ever even been a thing? ROFL!!

Wait, here's one more...this from the AP on November 11th

Gov. Doug Burgum is asking the state’s attorney general to appoint outside lawyers to handle a possible lawsuit over his appointment to fill a legislative seat that was won by a candidate who died before the election.

The State's Attorney is of course Wayne Stenehjem!!  ROFLFDS!

"Rolling On Floor Laughing Falling Down Stairs"

Thanks for reading y'all...grab some popcorn and let's keep watching.

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