Drive south on Highway 1806 and there on the side of a hill is our North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.  Many rest out there on the side of the hill gazing over the Missouri River.  Every Winter, in early December, many people gather for the Wreaths Across America event.

This annual event takes place on Saturday, December 18, 2021, starting at 11 am.  It is an opportunity to...

Remember our Fallen U.S. Veterans

  Honor Those Who Serve

Teach Your Children the Value of Freedom.

Wreaths Across America takes place at Arlington National Cemetery and more than 2,500 locations in all 50 states, at sea and abroad.

At our North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, we have 7,650 veterans graves.  Many people sponsor a wreath for their loved ones or just to honor a veteran who rests out there.  Led by the Bismarck Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol,  many people make it their family tradition to take part on Saturday morning and help place wreaths on the graves.

A short ceremony, with a prayer, the national anthem, and a few short speeches will start the event and then wreaths are placed.  Those that have sponsored a wreath for their loved one are allowed to go first, followed by everyone else.

My dad, a grandpa, and several uncles are buried out there.  My family makes it an annual event.  I told my young nephews that as they place the wreath, say the veteran's name, thank them and then place the wreath.  If a name is hard to pronounce I told them, either say, Sir or Grandfather.  The first few years we did it, not a lot of people knew about it.  We placed lots of wreaths.  Now, a lot of families and friends take part and every grave gets a wreath in a short time.

There is still time to sponsor a wreath or volunteer.  Just visit  Locate North Dakota and be a part of the event.

Mark it down on your calendar.  Wreaths Across America at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, Saturday, December 18th, 2021 at 11 am.

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