Cigar aficionados in the Peace Garden State may soon have their own sanctuaries where they can fire up in peace.

KXMB News reports Senator Oley Larsen is working on a bill to allow the designated lounge areas where cigar buffs can buy, and smoke their stogies without hassle.

"They have a certain clientele and it is an interesting type of business that people run. Interesting to see it come forth and I am looking forward to see it happen here, in North Dakota," said Sen. Oley Larsen.

In an atmosphere where the state has restricted smoking, the proposal is likely to run across some vocal opposition.

One observer said it would be hypocritical to allow "the good old boys" to have their designated cigar area when cigarette smokers are increasingly finding their smoking rights rolled back.

Sen. Larsen says the cigar law would have no effect of any smoking regulations currently on the books.

[Source: KXMB]

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