Devilishly clever is this endeavor.

That coaster under your bar glass may contain a meaningful reminder that Parent's Lead.  Burleigh Morton Behavioral Health Student Committee and Bismarck/Mandan restaurants are launching a two night Parents Lead Coaster Project.  There's two nights this month that your coaster could be talking to you.

According to a press release posted on, on May 21st and May 28th, many Bismarck Mandan establishments will have coasters placed on bars and table  with a special message- youth look to you for guidance and inspiration.

This is what makes it a clever endeavor, it's really a campaign that is out to target underage drinking in North Dakota. Because the numbers aren't good...

Bismarck consistently ranks at or above the state averages when it comes to underage drinking. According to the 2019 North Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 31.6% of Bismarck-Mandan High School students currently drank alcohol in the past 30 days compared to 27.6% of North Dakota High School Students. 

So in addition to sending messaging to teens to avoid drinking, why not send a maybe more subliminal message to parents that they lead by example. Parents Lead was created as a collaboration between the ND Department of Transportation, ND University System, and ND Department of Human Services.   What is the core of Parents Lead?


I'd say it fits the mission to nudge parents that are bar stool bound to keep their kids in mind.  Growing up is complicated it's good to be reminded that parents definitely lead.

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