This week it was really hard to pick a winner. But we somehow managed it.

With the frosted trees in Bismarck earlier this week creating a beautiful sight, many people opted to submit their photos capturing it. There were many good ones. There were also a lot of great photos not related to the frost.

Ultimately though, we did pick a frost related photo:

Stephanie Loch Ell
Stephanie Loch Ell

Stephanie sent in a great photo capturing not only the frost on the trees, but also the frost flying off the trees. In contrast with the perfectly blue sky, it created a very COOL photo.

But like we stated above, it was an incredibly tough choice this week. Check out all the incredible photos that were submitted in the photo gallery above. And remember, photos that don't win can be resubmitted so feel free to resubmit a photo in next week's contest.

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