It's Christmas time so it makes sense that we received a lot of Christmas themed submissions this week.

Since we don't do themed versions of the COOL Photo of the Week, we don't have to choose a Christmas photo to win. But we did anyway.

Ray Larson has submitted photos of some great light displays from his household during the entire year. All his submissions are pretty cool but there just always seems to be someone else in the contest that is one notch above.

But we particularly like this photo. Even though it is not one of the more extravagant light displays, it is very peaceful and relaxing. Plus with the snowflakes in the photo, it makes for a really COOL photo.

Ray Jr Larson
Ray Jr Larson

And with that photo, Ray wins a platter of Subway subs which feeds up to 12 people. We sure hope Ray has a fireplace inside that house because when looking at that photo, all we want to do is drink some hot cocoa in front of a fire.

We had plenty of great submissions this week though and you can check them out in the photo gallery above.

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