This week may have been the toughest week to choose a photo.

We got some incredible submissions once again and it was a very tightly contested match. Sarah's sunset photo behind the train bridge probably would have won any other week. But with the timely submission by Jame Eraas of the storm that struck areas of North Dakota on Thursday night and the incredibly awesome photo that it is, we had to choose that as the winner.

Congratulations to Jamie who is the winner of this week's COOL Photo of the Week Contest and the winner of a free sub from Subway.

Check out all of this week's submissions in the photo gallery above or in the photo video below.

You can see photos from past weeks here.

Submissions for our next Cool Photo of the Week Contest will open up on Wednesday, June 15 at 6am and will end at noon on Friday, June 17. Check out the full contest rules here.

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