In week two of our photo contest, we received another batch of fantastic photos and it was not an easy decision.

For the second week in a row, a gorgeous picture of the sky was our winner. We certainly promise that pictures of the sky will not be the only pictures that win during our contest. But in the first two inaugural weeks of the contest, these photos were too good to pass on.

This week's winner is Jenny Mae Zastawniak who submitted a beautiful picture from the Crown Butte Dam in Mandan. You can see the photo below:


Jenny wins free lunch from Subway for her photo.

Submissions for our next Cool Photo of the Week contest will open up around 6am on Wednesday, June 8 on our Facebook page. The entry deadline is noon on June 10. You can check out the photos from our contest last week here.

If your picture did not win, you can resubmit photos from week-to-week but you are only allowed one entry per week.

View a video slideshow of this week's entries below or check out the photo gallery of the entries above.

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