Most people will admit, there are two things or subjects that they hate or afraid of, even though it maybe embarrassing to admit. One would be math, the next would be spelling.

Thank goodness for spell check on the computer and the calculator which makes living in a world of digits and letters a little less stressful.

A couple days back, a report was published listing each states most misspelled word, and the data used to accomplish this was analyzing data from Google.

It seems the word most misspelled is gray. Or it is grey? Actually both are correct according to Gray or, but in the US, the most acceptable spelling of the word is gray, outside the US is grey. Now that we have this information, the rest of the story is sort of mute, but regardless, here we go.

A couple of words and states-

  • North Dakota- Gray
  • Arizona - Definitely
  • Arkansas- Diarrhea
  • Louisiana- Paran
  • Minnesota - Gray
  • Montana - Diagnose

You can see the complete list here.

Alex Wong/ Getty
Alex Wong/ Getty


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