Carson Wentz and some of his Eagles teammates are currently working out together in Fargo.

The team doesn't need to endure a Fargo winter and instead on Monday (July 10, 2017) are enjoying sunshine with temperatures in the 80s.

And although the Eagles are no strangers to sunshine, Fargo is still foreign to many of them. Receiver Alshon Jeffery posted a brief video to Periscope where you can see the players throwing a football around and having a good time.

Jeffery then pans the camera to Jordan Matthews (or 'J-Matt' as Jeffery calls him) who had this to say about his experience in Fargo:

We're out here in North Dakota, man. There ain't no rap stations on the radio or nothin' baby. Straight bison burgers, country music and red heads... shout out to Carson Wentz.. Ya know what I mean?

Yes. We know exactly what you mean. But we don't mind our bison burgers, country music, or red heads.

But Jordan Matthews was one of the first players to embrace a trip to Fargo having previously stating he wanted the team to rent a cabin there.

Welcome to Fargo.

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