There's a new dating app that matches people based on what they hate. It's exactly what it sounds like.

The new dating app, aptly titled "Hater" find your best match based on the things you hate. It filters through thousands of topics and if two people hate the same things, tada! They're a match!

The app recently took data from each state to find out what the most hated things are in each state. It turns out the most hated thing in North Dakota is "Tapas." Who knew our state hated small Spanish savory dishes so much?

As for the rest of the country, some states seem to hate the oddest things. Some are hilarious, and some you just look and think, "...What???" For instance, Wisconsin hates "Trap Music," Nebraska hates "Friendly Reminder Emails," Mississippi hates "Anal Sex," Kansas hates "Seinfeld," and Arkansas hates "Cleaning" (that last one might make sense). And that is just part of the midwest.

If you head out west, Colorado hates "*NSYNC," Utah hates "Porn," and Arizona ironically hates "Sand."

In the east, Vermont hates "Waiting in Line," Ohio hates "Tying a Tie," West Virginia hates "Lyft," and at least part of Maryland hates "Casey Affleck" (you'll see what I mean when you see the map).

Nevertheless, if you've run out of dating app options, you now have another. Just know that sometimes, unlike what The Beatles would have you believe, all you need is hate.


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