A recent study was done to see where the best places are for singles in the country and the results say that North Dakota is definitely not one of those places.

In fact, according to WalletHub, North Dakota is one of the worst states for singles in all of the U.S. Overall, North Dakota is the sixth worst state in the country for single people. The fact that our state came in last for dating opportunities, restaurants per capita, and gender balance for singles definitely did not help our cause.

North Dakota fared less than favorable in several categories that were used to determine the ranking, including 40th for its share of single adults throughout the state (just 47 percent), 43rd for average beer and wine price, 36th in movie theaters per capita, and it didn't crack the top 20 for mobile or online dating opportunities either.

Our neighbors to the east in Minnesota ranked far better overall with a ranking of 15th. The best state for singles is California, while the worst is Arkansas.

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