In this day and age, it isn't uncommon for two individuals to meet online. Some stories are successful and some not so much.

There is also something called 'catfishing. It happens so often that MTV even has an entire TV show dedicated to the practice. Generally speaking, being catfished means that someone you have been speaking to online, misrepresents who they are either by pretending to be another actual person or by some other means just misrepresenting themselves.

People sometimes will post fake pictures online or use a different name.

That brings us to a story posted on reddit to the r/catfish subreddit.

It's up for debate whether or not the individual who posted the story was actually 'catfished.' The man who wrote the story says he lives in Florida and met a girl through an online gaming platform who lives in North Dakota. No names or ages were revealed in the story.

The man explains that he was talking to this girl who when they first began speaking, the girl was in a relationship. Eventually the girl was apparently dumped by her boyfriend and the girl and her online friend in Florida began talking more and more.

Eventually, the girl from North Dakota decided to buy a plane ticket to meet the guy in person in Florida.

The guy says in his post:

After she bought her ticket we talked about the future, how nice things would be. I then asked her if we could video chat (you know to make sure she was real), and she was reluctant at first. But after I asked a few times, she agreed. I was so excited to finally chat with her, and it was nice. She looked almost identical to the pictures she sent me. But she wouldn't show me herself other than from one angle, and she never sent me a full body picture of her. I thought it was strange, but I wasn't one to press her for it.

But right before the flight, the girl called the guy who posted the story to explain that she was nervous… and also why she was nervous.

She called me before she got on her plane to fly down to Florida and told me she was nervous and said that she was self conscious of her body. I thought nothing of it, I thought that maybe she said that because that's how some women are.

Well apparently, she was self-concious about her body because according to the person who posted the story, as soon as he saw her, his 'heart sank' because she was 40 to 60 pounds overweight and he didn't even recognize her.

He tried to look past it but eventually he had to confront her about his issue.

I spent maybe $400 on her when I said enough was enough. I couldn't stand being near her anymore. I confronted her about it, and she immediately threw a fit. Saying I was a liar, that I didn't love her. That nothing we had meant anything to me. But the truth was she didn't know how hurt I was by her doing that to me. I truly loved this chick, if she had told me about who was really her, things may have ended differently. But she lied to me as to who she was, so I bought her a plane ticket home and sent her away.

The guy ends the post by asking if he did the right thing. Do you think what he did was OK or do you think he was just being a shallow jerk? Should the girl have been more upfront about her weight? Let us know what you think.

You can read the entire post here.

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