Waiting three days to call was once the hot debate among singles. Now, it's whether you should call or text.

It's a hot question in this "swipe right or left" world we live in now, so sometimes it helps to have an outsider's perspective.

In this Valentine's Day-ready video, children give their reasons for either calling or texting someone when starting a relationship. It's not easy and heaven knows adults haven't mastered this yet, so why not listen to what kids who haven't started dating yet think.

And if you think, "Ahh, these are kids, what the heck do they know?," just remember the sage words of one boy in this clip: "I know you think I'm a kid and I'm kind of, like, not,good with girls or whatever. I had four girlfriends when I'm seven. I know what it feels like."

Bottom line? There are certainly pros and cons to calling and texting, so what do you think? Which is the right way to go?

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