Remember the good old days? How things have changed. A dinner and a date today in Bismarck could run you at least $50 for a movie for two, popcorn and soda (for two) and if you're feeling really nice, maybe one of those $5 candy bars. If this person is really special, you could throw in a dinner at a modest restaurant for another $50.

MSN-Money released these figures last week. You can read more on the methodology here. The research viewed the cost of dinner and a movie. Of course, you have to consider geographical location. Prices could vary somewhat from the Midwest to the Southern region. The numbers below are an average.

The prices below are a total price for dinner and a movie for 2.

  • 2010 - $79.90 (movie $15.78 and dinner $64.12)
  • 2005 -  $55.68 (movie $12.82 and dinner $68.50)
  • 2000-  $48.98  (movie $10.78 and dinner $59.76)
  • 1990-  $38.64  (movie $8.46 and dinner $47.10)
  • 1980-  $25.34  (movie $5.38 and dinner $30.73)
  • 1970- $11.44   (movie $3.10 and dinner $14.54)
  • 1960-  $8.76   (movie $1.20 and dinner $9.96)

You can go back to further years and decades here. My oh my, how things have changed.

Tim Boyle/Getty
Tim Boyle/Getty



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