I'm so sorry, but he headline screamed- just go ahead and DO IT!

So with apologies to my long since passed beloved mother, who would smack me if she knew I referred to a woman as a girl, let me instead say...

Former United States Senator Heidi Heitkamp is reportedly strongly being considered for a cabinet position in the incoming Biden administration.

She's a woman who has been (dials up Wikipedia page) well, let's see...eww, born in Minnesota, I did not know that.  Moving on...

1986-92 ND State Tax Commissioner

1992-2000 ND Attorney General

Lost to Stache in a 2000 bid for Governor of ND.

Sens. Hoeven And Manchin Hold News Conference To Discuss Their Keystone Pipeline Legislation
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Understandable, John Hoeven is very likable.

2012-2018 US Senator from North Dakota.

So a very elected and accomplished woman indeed.  If you want to know the township part, you'll have to scroll through my articles.  It's an interesting place- you'll like the story.

So, word is running around

This from the Red River Farm Network..

Speculation has begun over the possible cabinet picks in a Biden administration. Former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp is getting most of the attention for the top job at USDA. Both Bloomberg and Politico have named Heitkamp as the likely choice. Other contenders for  agriculture secretary include Illinois Representative Cheri Bustos, Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge, former Deputy Agriculture Secretary Krysta Harden, the former agricultural negotiator in the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office, Darci Vetter, and California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross.

If you read the rest of the contenders you may have seen a potential "Secretary Fudge" in there...that's probably Heidi's main competition.  Click these to hear the rest of the chorus.

KXNET IS REPORTING, KFYR-TV IS REPORTING, even something called KVRR IS REPORTING.  All reporting, that Heidi Hietkamp and North Dakota have a good shot at getting the ear of a new administration. Good luck Heidi, you've earned the spot in my book.

Total disclosure- her brother Joel is a Morning Host on one of our radio stations. That said, I don't know him...so big whoop.  Also, we air the Red River Farm Network on the AM as well. Which is wise because they know their agriculture.

Stay safe y'all

Speaking of Heidi...let's pull out this old list from a few months back.

A Short History Of The Red And The Blue


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