Studies show that you have about 7 seconds to make an impression on someone, and perhaps longer if you actually talk with them.  Why not make a good one?  Your Bismarck-Mandan radio pal has some intelligence for your life at work to help you leave a positive impression on those you meet with these 15 words and phrases that you should make a habit of saying every day:


1-2: “Sir” and “Ma’am” – Americans tend to be very informal compared to other countries; we say “you guys” and “hey, you” without blinking an eye.  Therefore, a little bit of formality can make you stand out in a very good way.  These words are a sign of respect and are important in work relationships, especially with older folks and people whom you do not know well.

3-4: “You’re Welcome”  - This phrase seems to have gotten lost along the way in recent history.  People now say “yep” and “no problem.”  In a work setting, “you’re welcome” shows that you value the favor that you did for someone, while saying “no problem” tends to suggest it was no big deal.


5-7: "Here's what's happening." – In a work environment, sharing information is important.  If you help keep others informed of what is going on, events, news, etc., you will gain the respect of those who appreciate the knowledge you share.  This does not mean being a know-it-all or spreading rumors; keep the information neutral/positive for those that need to be aware, and it will be appreciated.


8- 11: "How can I help?" – If you see a coworker or anyone needing assistance, and you have the capacity to help them, ask.  Nobody accomplishes anything amazing alone. Everyone is always grateful to those who try to help, especially without first being asked. Even if it is something simple like holding a door open for someone carrying a large item, it may make a huge difference in their day.


12-15: "I believe in you." – Words of encouragement can mean so much to someone who is doubting themselves, running into struggles, or just needs a boost of self-confidence.   It's amazing how just a few tiny words from other people can inspire you to work harder and achieve more. These short words can have a huge, positive impact--both for the people you're encouraging, and for their feelings toward you.



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