As Los Angeles and New England prepare to battle on the football field this weekend at Super Bowl LIII, gamblers, statisticians and arm-chair quarterbacks alike will search through the numbers in an attempt to determine which team has “the edge.”

On the surface, the locations couldn't seem more different. East vs. West. Sun vs. snow. Hollywood glitz vs. blue-collar pride. Still, New England and Los Angeles do have one thing in common: Both locales boast rich and impressive rock histories.

We at UCR analyzed artists hailing from both areas and compiled a list of the 15 biggest artists from each region. The musical match-up seems more difficult to predict than the Super Bowl winner. The quality of musicians included is astounding, as our list features nine Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and 10 Grammy winners. If that weren't enough, the combined sales numbers of all the included artists totaled more than a billion albums.

Below you'll find our list of the greatest rockers from Los Angeles and New England. Each artist's achievements have been summarized to include their major milestones, awards, height of popularity and legacy. Some of the musicians are global icons; others influenced future generations of performers. All are important threads in the musical fabric of their respective hometowns.

Who do you believe has the better rock history?



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