Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, finishing off a challenging year for the National Football League, having to continue on as best they could through COVID-19. What it took to get to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida is a great achievement we will all never forget. So how ironic that the pre-game flyover involving Minot Air Force Base's B-52 had an amazing story as well, on What it took to get there.

According to KFYRTV, there is one thing for sure living here in Bismarck, North Dakota that we are VERY familiar with - warming up our vehicle in frigid winter weather. Start your coffee brewing, hit your remote starter, sprint to your NOW heated car, and off we go on our commute. Our preparation is pretty easy, check out what Lt. Col. Daniel Sullivan, 5th Operations Support Squadron director at Minot's Air Force Base said “You go out and start your car in the morning, you know sometimes it’s hard to get it turned over in the morning, hard to get it started. So we go out, hours and hours before we go out to the aircraft maintenance is already out there,”  Super Bowl Sunday saw the crews fighting 45 degrees below zero to get the plane in the air. The flyover was a complete team effort, from the airfield management making sure the runway was safe, to the weather personal monitoring their flight the whole way, and EVERYONE contributing to making sure they would be on time.

Imagine yourself being on that plane, approaching the stadium, fireworks shooting straight in the air on both sides of you - “I probably had the best seat in the house to be honest, I definitely got to see the fireworks right before we flew by. Just flying alongside with the B1 and B2, it was an awesome experience,” said Staff Sgt. Marvin Valle, Crew Chief.

I'm okay with having had my cheap seat, in front of the television, because it was a glorious sight to see!



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