All of a sudden the headlines started popping up- Intermodal transportation is coming to Minot!

Everyone seemed pretty happy and excited about it.  So I got intermodal excited too!  Problem was...I didn't have a clue what it meant.  A little googling and it all seems clear.

If you are shipping your goods, and have to use two different modes of transportation, you my friend are going inter-modal. When you see those huge cranes pulling those huge shipping containers off those huge cargo ships- it's intermodal.

In Minot's case, it's trains versus ships.

Inside The Container Port Of Felixstowe
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Now these huge shipping containers can be loaded in Minot and shipped intermodally to locations worldwide.  This has been a project that has been in the works for years.

Senator Kevin Cramer's website had this notice back in June of 2019.

the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration has awarded the Minot Intermodal Facility a $400,000 Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements Grant. 

This grant award will help complete preliminary engineering and federal environmental review for additions to the Minot Intermodal Facility, including additional rail lines, container storage and grade crossing improvements.

Governor Doug Burgum is also very enthusiastic about the project, noting it could reduce the cost of shipping farm products by as much as 25%.  This story plays into another story I wrote up a week ago about "road trains".  You can see that by clicking here.  These multi-trailer super trucks may be a reality on our highways in the near future.  So it appears North Dakota is preparing for some heavy hauling.  Which is good for farmers and good for us all.  Unless, you're trying to pass a four trailer road train on a two lane highway.


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