UPDATE: Fargo PD confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation.

Last weekend, a woman named Jessica Houser was reported missing to the Fargo Police by her father. Hours after a press conference about her disappearance this week, it was confirmed by police that Jessica was found safe. While most news stations only reported that detail, Inforum/WDAY-TV had more in-depth information about the situation.

The unidentified man told WDAY-TV via Facebook Messenger that "he would tell the whole story for money."

According to Inforum's report, an anonymous man told WDAY-TV via Facebook Messenger that the whole situation was a misunderstanding. He messaged that he was with Jessica at a cabin, helping her sober up. It is also reported that the unidentified man said, "he would tell the whole story for money." Get Inforum's report here.

The "money" statement should be a HUGE red flag to crime junkies and web sleuths, alike. We can only speculate about what the statement could mean, but that is an alarming response, coming from a person who is confirming that another is alive and safe. But since Inforum is the only source I can find on this information, I reached out to the Fargo Police Department on the matter.

I left a message with the FPD, asking if the information from Inforum could be confirmed. I got a return voicemail, telling me the information I found was not released by police.

I left a message on the voicemail of the FPD's Public Information Officer, Jessica Schindeldecker, asking if the man's story was true. She called back and left a message informing me that "we didn't release any of that information. We literally just told the media that we found her and she was safe." Her message concluded that the information Inforum had would have come directly from someone they interviewed.

Then, I was really intrigued. I called back and left two voicemails, asking if there was still an investigation into what happened. At the time of this post, I have not gotten a call back from the Fargo Police Department. So, we are at a bit of a dead-end on the case, but, REALLY, why would a person need money to "tell the whole story" about an event if they were just helping a girl sober up???

Why do you think would a person reach out to the media to tell the public that they would be willing to talk about a supposedly missing person for money?

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