Does your spouse, or girlfriend nag you guys?   That could end your life earlier than you think!  It's true a nag can be very bad news---seriously!   I am blessed with the sweetest girl on this planet----name name is Sherry and we never argue or fight, she never nags me, we simply talk about stuff and resolve it.  And I love the way we talk and take care of any potential problem. 



However guys---if the women you're with isn't like mine--looks a bit like the one above--and she nags you a lot---a new study says nagging could drive guys to an early grave.  Human beings who have very stressful social relationships are up to three times more likely to die prematurely – with guys being affected the worst.

So if you’re one of those people who are constantly being nagged – looks like your odds of checking out during middle age are much greater than guys who aren’t nagged and fussed at.  Men are much more likely to keep problems bottled up and generally have not so strong support networks than women do.  I say look down … at your feet. They have the amazing ability to get you moving away from fussing and nagging--so use 'em and do walk or run away--or pay the price!!  (Independent)

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