Back when I was a young lad (and the for purposes of this article obviously I was over 21)  as I was saying, back when I was a young lad, there were very few beer varieties available. Budweiser, Old Milwaukee, Michelob, Schmidt, Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller High Life, and if you were feeling rich- Lowenbrau.  I'm sure there were many more, but my point is that just like the explosion of the candy bar aisle, the variety of beers these days is just incredible!

With all these delicious beers available to North Dakotans, how are we getting our beer- drinking butts handed to us by New Hampshire?

Seriously, New Hampshire?

When I think New Hampshire, the only word that comes to mind is quaint.  As in "My what a quaint state you have".

The staff at the Vinepair website have done the math for the "states That Drink The Most Beer" you can see the results here.  The top five beer drinking states per capita are...

1) New Hampshire

2) Montana

3) Vermont

4) North Dakota

5) South Dakota

I'll give you Montana, but Vermont?  It's even quainter than New Hampshire!  This can not stand!  So, if being raised on Old Milwaukee eventually made you give up beer forever  Please join me here in doing some research about North Dakota's amazing selection of craft beers.  This is kind of a nifty site

Just by enjoying an occasional craft beer this summer, you'll be helping the entire state of North Dakota overcome the shame of being out-drunk by Vermont!  We'll probably never catch New Hampshire- that's hardcore quaint right there.

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