I'm certain everyone can find one part of Measure #3 they agree with, yet another part you sympathize with, and another part that simply defies comprehension.

It's on the November ballot. You choose...I won't tell you what to think.

But, I'll tell you what I think- after you read it of course. I'd like to say since it's only one measure, it would be a quick read...but that would be fibbing. Pour a cup of coffee and t click on this link. Then come on back.

First off, I don't know if the military now has an ample chance to cast a ballot.  I assume they already do or else I'd have heard more about it...but, if y'all need more time- why not?

Secondly, I've never been a fan of "vote the entire party or nothing"...not sure I understand it.  I'm not a two-party person and never have been. Who gave y'all the right? I know, a Constitution.  Measure #3 seeks to change that. But it keeps "seeking" so hard, that it climbs into a dark tunnel from which it never emerges.

Which brings me to my third take on #3- suddenly we are ready to redistrict? With an "Ethics Commission"?  Forget ROLF (ancient text for "rolling on floor laughing") Ethics Commission? Lemme go BDSL. (made up text for "bouncing down stairs laughing).

Enuff said.

If the military needs more time to vote- let State and Federal Government figure it out. But, as much as I love sausage- This measurement is too big for it's own bun.

My opinion. Yours, as always, is equally important.


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