Although you wouldn’t know it with the unseasonably cold temperatures we’ve had recently in North Dakota, but summer is just around the corner!  And what happens in summer?  VACATION TIME!!!!! With all of the newest technologies of smartphones and laptops, who can truly get away from their workplace?  You can and NEED to, to keep your sanity and enjoy your time off from work with your friends and family.   Me?  This year I will be going to Spokane to see the love of my life Sherry, bowl in a tournament in Washington State, and then onto Reno for the U.S.B.C. tournament at the National Bowling Stadium with around 25 friends of mine.  It's an annual trip that we make and it's always fun and IF we bowl good, then it's a real plus!!!


Here are five important reasons why you need to enjoy your vacation and ditch the work phone/computer:

1. Coworkers Can Step Up

Remember the first time you had to make a decision while your boss was away? Since your boss was not there to help, you experienced more growth than you would had he/she been there. Whether you manage others or have coworkers that assist, you give others the chance to lead if you don’t work when you are on vacation.  They learn, you relax, and it’s a win-win for everybody.

2. People Will Respect Your Time More

We all do it -- take work calls when we’re on vacation. The problem is they interrupt your vacation and aren’t fair to you -- especially if the issue in question could have been handled before you left or can wait until you get back.  If you ditch the phone/email, people will respect that your personal time is just that and not bother you while you are soaking up the rays on the beach.

3. You’ll Have More Fun

When you go on vacation and know the office won’t contact you, you can enjoy yourself more. Take one more ride on that roller coaster -- no one’s going to pick your brain about anything important today.

4. Your Family Will Appreciate It

Your family wants and deserves your undivided attention when you’re on a family vacation.   This is a special time to enjoy each other, so spend every minute with them that you can.

5. You Will Come Back Refreshed

When you return to the office, you will be refreshed and relaxed from your time away.  You may even have a new perspective on a problem or issue and be able to think of new ideas to solve it.



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