Gonna Go? Four day North Dakota music festival also features Third Eye Blind, Great White, Rodney Atkins and Gin Blossoms!

Wow did this just drop outta the sky over the weekend!

Dak Jam is August 11-14 at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.  It's a 4 day music and arts festival and here's the lineup!

8/11/21  Vince Neil, Great White

8/12/21 Third Eye Blind, Bret Michaels

8/13/21 Goo Goo Dolls, Gin Blossoms

8/14/21 Big & Rich, Rodney Atkins

There's over fifteen other musical acts and apparently a strong presence of the arts community as well. The Dak Jam Music and Arts Festival is a four day festival including camping, partying, dancing, art stuff and more.  As Bret Michaels would say- "Ain't nothing but a good time"!

But is it legit?

My simple answer is- it seems legit.

But also pretty darn ambitious!  It's not the first Dak Jam, that was back in 2019 and featured only three acts- Hairball, Poprocks, and something called Captain Geech. The 2020 Dak Jam was of course covid cancelled.  So how are they then smashing 2021 with this super cool lineup?  I'd have to say it was sublime timing.  A lot of artists that planned to launch major tours in 2021 still ran into issues forcing them to move the major tours to 2022.  But, that's not to say that a band like the Goo Goo Dolls couldn't maybe squeeze in a date or two over 2021.  The Minot dates are on their website.  The festival is also on the Third Eye Blind official website.  I didn't see anything on Great White or Vince Neil's social media...but they're both playing the night before in Sturgis, so it's a short trip up Highway 83 to make the Dak Jam gig.

So my hats off to the Dak TV/Dak Jam crew for putting together a pretty darn impressive line-up. I hope it goes well for them in executing the festival. But there is a bit of a bump in the road...and that's the price of admission.


You want to just see the Gin Blossoms?  .


You pay for all four days.  You may think it seems a little spendy...

$299 for a four day pass with a $79.32 fee.

So basically $380 to see ANY OF THE BANDS.

Camping in a tent about $50.  A+ premium camping could run ya closer to $300.

So for a couple to see it all with primo camping?  Looks to be over $1,000 for two.

I once drank snapple with the Goo Goo Dolls for free!  True story.

Concert goers what do ya think?

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