This "hurts" Bismarck Mandan.  Jalen Hurts will start for the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, as Carson Wentz has officially been benched, according to an article in BleedingGreen.  Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson made the decision Tuesday after a rather lack luster performance from Carson Wentz Sunday at Green Bay.

Carson Wentz has gone from being the conversation for league MVP three years ago to being a back up this Sunday when Philadelphia will face the New Orleans Saints.  Tough pill to swallow for the former Bismarck Century product Carson Wentz and fans all over Bismarck Mandan.

Coach Doug Pederson said the offense and team are not where they need to be right now.  He's hoping starting Jalen Hurts will give the Eagles the spark they need.  This hardly comes as a surprise as Hurts had been inserted into the line up the last two games.  Including, seeing some action against Seattle and last week against Green Bay.  Last week against Green Bay, Carson Wentz was in for 36 plays for 127 yards and a 3.5 average and three points.  Hurts was in for 24 plays for 131 yards for a 5.5 average and 6 points.

The ramifications of this move will go well beyond this year.  Will the Eagles move on from Wentz and his hefty contract.  Carson is due 25 million dollars of guaranteed money next year.  Will this move save head coach Doug Pederson's job?  He's certainly on the hot seat.  Hard to believe Carson Wentz, who was a MVP type QB during it's Super Bowl run just a few years ago could be on his way out.



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