North Dakotans are not typically too adventurous when it comes to food. Salt and pepper are spicy to some and ketchup is an essential condiment. Yeah, we are kind of shamelessly into bland foods. But there is a new sweet and spicy treat that is selling like crazy in North Dakota.

According to Inforum, Liz and Larissa Gonzales, created a sweet and spicy candy that North Dakotans can't get enough of. Candy from PicaSpicy Candies puts a Scandanavian twist on the popular Mexican-style candy called Dulces enchilados! Larissa told Inforum that, instead of using the traditional Tajin to make their candy spicy, they substituted "a milder, sweeter form of chili pepper."

Back in May, Liz and Larissa just made the candies for fun. Now, they have a whole business and they are even getting ready to be a part of their first event. They have a full menu of sweet and spicy candies, flavored rim dip, and even merchandise. You can check out PicaSpicy Candies on Facebook.

As long as we are talking about North Dakota snacks and treats, we can't forget about a couple of our most famous ones that have come from our state. I do not know if Widman's is nationwide, but most North Dakotans and Minnesotans flock to the store for their famous Chocolate Chippers! They are simply chocolate-covered ruffly potato chips (I highly recommend the dark chocolate flavor).

Then, there is Dot's Pretzels. They have gone nationwide and they have put out a variety of new flavors and snacks. The latest creation from Dot's kitchen is the Honey Mustard flavor of pretzels.

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