The television screen was full of hate and rioting -  A while back, Memorial Day produced yet another Police brutality caught on video, as the world watched a handcuffed black man die in just under eight minutes - his last gasp of air due to a white officer's knee to his neck. The streets were filled shortly after with protests and violence. Some of the videos we all were watching for days on end were just like many we have seen before - the color of one's skin. Black and white, people form their own views, and deep inside still lay awful thoughts of racism. This story I present to you delivers true love, one's heart falling for another. A white woman and a black man sharing two common things, compassion and culinary!  Erin Lucas and Mateo Mackbee moved to a small farm in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Here they opened a small restaurant named "Krewe". Their love for good food, and taking care of people stemmed from living in the big city - Minneapolis. Business partners and boyfriend and girlfriend, together they share a desire to open people's eyes a bit to racial inequities to small communities. Through an introduction to the pastor - Mark Kopka -of a Lutheran Church in Paynesville, the couple were brought out to central Minnesota. This is when Mark and Mateo put their heads together and started a farm, where they could bring students of color together, who didn't have access to nature - A non-profit group named Model Citizen. Getting kids together through the nature of the land and food. The local citizens took to a liking of these two almost right away, not just because of their talents in the kitchen, but because most folks had no experience with someone of different skin color. Here is where someone's soul matters way more than black or white. For more on this story click here.


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