It's always great to learn about other cultures and there are plenty of opportunities to explore other cultures right here in North Dakota over the next several months.

Some of the events listed below will be taking place in Moorhead, MN but hey it's close enough right?

You can click on the names of the events in order to get more information on them.

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    Celtic Festival

    Moorhead, MN

    March 11th

    The Celtic festival will allow you to learn the art, history and traditions of the seven Celtic nations. Those nations are Ireland, Spain, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany, Scotland, and Wales.

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    Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Midwest Viking Festival

    Moorhead, MN

    June 23rd and June 24th

    This festival will feature dancing, entertainment, and food that are native to Scandinavia (which includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). There will also be seminars where you can learn even more about Scandinavian traditions.

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    Downtowners German Days

    Bismarck, ND

    July 13th - July 15th

    There's a lot of German culture here in Bismarck and North Dakota in general. Certainly we are no strangers to that fact. Our state's capitol was named after a German chancellor and much of our food like kuchen and Fleischkuekle are German inspired.

    German Days in Bismarck allows us to further explore German heritage.

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    North Dakota Ukrainian Festival

    Dickinson, ND

    July 21st - July 23rd

    The Ukranian Festival features ethnic meals, religious services, workshops and more and it's a great way to learn about the country of Ukraine.

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    Northern Plains Ethnic Festival

    Dickinson, ND

    August 19th

    This event features food and crafts from five different countries. The countries featured are Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia, and the Ukraine

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    German Kulturefest

    Moorhead, MN

    Sept. 16th

    Well if you don't get enough of the German culture at the Downtowners Days in Bismarck, you'll get to explore even more of the German heritage in Moorhead in September with art, performances and demonstrations.