Pancakes, it's an American passion. Many restaurants and fast foods establishments have them, but when you want the very best pancakes in North Dakota, where do you go?

According to Foursquare, they took to social media to find the best pancakes in every state. Sure, you can go to the golden arches or a so called old fashion diner, but when you want the very best pancakes, you'll have to travel Northeast from Bismarck to taste the best pancakes in the state.

Darcy's Café in Grand Forks holds the title from Foursquare. All of the comments from YELP read like this-

The hours are limited but when you catch Darcy's open, you won't regret stopping. It's small, but they manage to get food on the table quickly and always with a smile. This is better than the best truck stop food you'll ever have. And what I mean by that is the truck stop where the cook makes everything better than your grandma could.
Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. The prices are reasonable and you get a lot of food for your money. Oh, and they know to keep your coffee cup filled. I appreciate that a lot!

The one thing about breakfast food, including pancakes, they're good for any meal, not just breakfast. I bet your hungry now!

Tim Boyle/ Getty Images
Tim Boyle/ Getty Images

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