When applying for jobs, companies are consistently seeking employees who can 'hit it out of the park' or 'increase productivity.'

A website known as Textio combed through billions of job postings in each state to see which phrases are most common to each state.

These were the phrases that apparently led to more qualified applicants and quicker hires than other phrases.

In North Dakota, job seekers seem to be looking for candidates who can 'drive change.' So if you're a mover and a shaker and are willing to embrace change, you'll likely have success finding a job in North Dakota.

If you are looking for jobs in nearby states, you'll need to be comfortable with 'face time' in Minnesota, be ready to have someone 'reach out to you' in South Dakota, or have 'strategic initiative' in Montana.

See the full list of the most common corporate cliches in each state here.

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