As the Powerball jackpot tonight is worth more than a blustering $403 million, many people are rushing to purchase their ticket. It may not seem like it, but it's not as unlikely to win in North Dakota as you may think.

Okay, so yes, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338.00. However, what you may not realize is that some lucky winners have been out of the Bismarck-Mandan area...Well, they didn't exactly get anything close to $403 million, but still, winning is winning.

According to the North Dakota Lottery, there have been several Powerball winners out of the Bis-Man area. The most recent being "Anonymous from Mandan" (granted many people who win would prefer their anonymity to be kept for good reason) this past November with a winning ticket in the amount of $50,000 (four correct numbers and the Powerball number which has a 1 in 913,129.18 chance of winning).

Prior to the local winner in Mandan was "Anonymous from Bismarck," who won $150,000 at the Holiday Stationstore #420 (on State Street in Bismarck). This happened in July 2016. This winner won by playing the Powerball with Power Play, which includes a money multiplier to help your winnings increase.

If you're thinking these are two people that both recently just happened to be local, you'd be wrong. There are several winners from the BisMan area from recent years and many more throughout the state. You might even be shocked as to how many winners there have been.

So, go ahead, North Dakota. Have at it, buy a Powerball ticket. You might just get lucky tonight.

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