Two beautiful cats have been waiting a combined 12 years to find their forever home. Could that be with you?

Melancholy and Pella are both looking for a home to call their own. Their unique personalities have caused some people to overlook them, but we think we they just need a little love, patience and attention!

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    7 Years Old

    Pella is a beautiful spayed cat that came to CDHS about 5 years ago as a stray. Pella does not like other cats but loves to have her head, ears and neck petted and brushed. She does have long hair so will need regular brushing and shaving periodically.

    Pella likes attention but will not initiate it. However, she can be very affectionate if you are affectionate with her. Pella likes to watch the birds and can be quite playful. Patience and tolerance are necessary qualities if you would like to adopt Pella, but she would make a great addition.

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    8 Years Old

    Melancholy will grab your attention right away with her striking features. Her owners planned on euthanizing her because she was pregnant. Luckily, a CDHS volunteer was able to convince them to surrender her instead and she has been at the shelter for about 7 years. She was adopted for a short period of time but did not get along with the owner's cat. She should not be adopted into a home with other cats.

    Melancholy would love to trust someone. Once she trusts you she is very sweet, and you might even get to brush her tummy. With the right person, Melancholy would be a wonderful, cuddly addition to the family.

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