We had a spirited and healthy discussion on several Facebook forums yesterday. The topic was concerning the addition of up to three new high school hockey teams in Bismarck (as soon as the fall of 2021).   This just might be perfect timing.  Legacy High School wants to add a varsity and junior varsity boys hockey team in 2021, and another girls team.  In 2022 a co-op team from Bismarck Legacy & Bismarck High has already been approved.

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) Board of Park Commissioners is reaching out to all Bismarck residents in the coming weeks to gather input regarding future recreation facility needs. A survey, which will be found on yellow paper in the center of the BPRD Spring/Summer Activity Guide, will ask residents to weigh in on the need for a new indoor recreation complex. The Activity Guide is mailed to all Bismarck residents three times per year.

Maybe it was COVID-19, but residents of Bismarck turned down a 1/2 cent sales tax measure for a community recreation complex in June of 2020.  This complex had one sheet of ice but seating for 2500.  This hockey venue would've have the largest seating capacity in the city.

This survey provides an opportunity for citizens who did not support the measure to explain why they voted no.  In addition, respondents can rate various potential components of a new facility as well as the amount of sales tax measure they would support.

According to a press release from Bismarck Parks and Rec, “Our goal in conducting the survey is to allow every citizen to have a voice in the planning process,” explains Executive Director Randy Bina. “As our community continues to grow and the demand for additional programming increases, we know we need to do something with our facilities. This survey will play a critical role in guiding that process.”

Here's your chance Bismarck.  Make your voice heard.  I think we can all agree, that we need more ice in Bismarck.  Let's do something about it!


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