Sure, we've all seen videos of pageant contestants falling down, but did you know that one of the first to ever do it and be caught on video was from Bismarck?

For whatever reason, the above video was just uploaded to YouTube, showing 1984's Miss North Dakota Teen Kari Larson taking a bit of a spill down some stairs.

Larson, however, was able to brush herself off and continue pageanting. She made it into the top 10 at that pageant and ended up becoming Miss North Dakota in 1990, according to

But, of course, thanks to the internet, no one will ever remember Larson doing so well in the pageants. They'll simply remember her for being one of the first pageant contestants to fall down a flights of stairs on television.

By the way, Miss North Dakota will be crowned Saturday, June 11th, in Williston.

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