Since the first day of October, whenever you turn on your tv, you can find a scary movie.   Some of those movies are full of blood and gore, and some are full of suspense.  Some of the movies are really cheesy, and are not really scary, like the Sharknado movies.

There are also scary movies with very little blood and guts, like movies by M. Night Shamalan.  His movies are suspenseful and creepy.  Stephen King movies are a mix of gore and suspense.

Older movies from the 70s and 80s like the original movies, Halloween, Carrie, and Christine were scary.  Poltergeist made you unplug your tv at night.  Salem's Lot had you wearing a necklace of garlic to ward off vampires.

Old black and white movies with Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price had lots of organ music and flickering candles, but are still to this day...scary.


When the original When A Stranger Calls came out,  my house had phones on our main floor, down in the basement and across the parking lot ( we owned a motel and sporting goods shop) in the shop.  Sometimes when we needed to call my dad to dinner or get a  message from whoever was in the shop, we had a way to dial a couple of numbers and the phones would ring.   And then that movie came out.   If you are not familiar with the plot, a babysitter keeps getting calls with eerie messages.  She calls the police and they put a trace on the phones.  And of course, right when you are getting really nervous for her...the phone rings and the cop tells her, the calls are coming from inside the house.  AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

So what do you think is the scariest movie of all time?  Feel free to share your vote in the comments.


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