A disturbing post all of Bismarck/Mandan read this morning. On a private Facebook page, a mother by the name of Sharla wrote some scary words that hopefully will alert everyone who has children of their own.

"A man who looked all Methed-Up"

Sharla has a 21-year old daughter named Kallan. Last night around 9:00 - 9:30 she intended on going for a short walk down the street to see her grandmother. This was out by South Walmart, near the Eagles Club. Here she was all alone when an individual described as "All Methed-Up" came out of nowhere. Sharla told me on the phone that this person had no intentions of minding his own business. He began to try and talk to her.

When a situation unfolds quickly

This is how things get way out of hand. Here is how Sharla described it in her post to mothers here in Bismarck - "Ladies beware of the trailers near loaf and jug down from south Walmart, a man chased my daughter, she said he came from those trailers, she's very traumatized, who knows what would've happened if he caught her, what is becoming of this world..." Sharla continued our conversation by saying that the man despite Kallan's words to leave her alone, continued on advancing, even running AFTER her. "As he kept grinding his teeth, his laughter made it even scarier," Kallan said.

Fortunately, the man stopped chasing her, and she wound up safe

The damage was done already. Sharla called the Bismarck police this morning and made a full report. Kallan is still rattled, which anyone of any age would be. Sharla's post was to make sure that all of us are aware of our surroundings, and for those that have kids, to be even more alert.

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