Yup, the tremendously talented Wyonna Judd and her Big Noise Band were to play an amazing show at the Belle Mehus Wednesday July 8th but due to COVID-19 concerns it was cancelled. It made us sad because Wynonna and her band are the type of talents that would have pushed everyone out of their seats and out through the walls. Seriously, this girl has always been on fire.

But again the story is about ME. Hi, my name is Scott, and in the mid-80s, I made a friend by the name of Bob; a sound man in a band by the name of Sammy's Fortune('member that Bismarck?) He then went off to be a sound man for a band called Perfect Timing('member them?)". Members of that band and Fuzz (from Fuzz and the Guns)would play my wedding reception up north of Minot. It was a heckuva favor I owe to this day. OK...so Bob became the sound guy for one of the greatest mid-west country bands of all time "The Back Behind The Barn Boys"! You know them and love them too. The BBtBBs ended up going to Nashville only to get eaten up a bit- but we will see them later (Lonesome Dove).

Bob was doing sound for Steve Windwood's studio album (look him up!) When he got the call to go on the road with Wynonna Judd who was coming to the ND State Fair in the 90s! Yay! So the road crew showed up a week early and I got to know everybody real well. Night of the show, pregnant Wynonna helicopters into the show. Me, I'm hiding behind the sound board having partied with the roadies for a week.

Wynonna plays a killer show- exits in a chopper leaving only the band back to pick up the pieces. Dude says to me- Y'know her Sax player is Jim Horn" Me says "who's Jim Horn?" guy says Jim played horn on the Beach Boys Good Vibrations...even live with George Harrison on Concert for Kampuchea". I says...OK

So I went out and found Jim wandering around "backstage" and talked him up a little bit.

Music Biz 2016 - Day 1
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He walked me back to the "roadie" bus assuming they would just pull me off him as he entered the bus to do whatever you do on a roadie bus- but since we were all bros' they let me through. I went all the way to the back with a increasingly concerned Jim Horn. He wasn't scared of me- he was scared of me interrupting his post-show thing with a bunch of "what was it like to play with the Stones?". Instead I said "You're fantastic" and walked off...leaving him to his business. And me left only with a silly story. Jim Horn, an absolute LEGEND- look him up

Just brushing shoulders with greatness...coming soon "Drinking Snapple With The Goo Goo Dolls"!

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