For the third straight week, another big system has its eyes set on North Dakota, starting this Friday, April 29th.  More on that in a second.

I spoke with the National Weather Service in Bismarck this morning and the good news with all of our precipitation this year has put us in a surplus of moisture so far in 2022.  The total snowfall for the season so far is 55.1 inches of snow.  Normal for Bismarck is 49.8 inches of total snowfall.  So, we're a little bit above the norm and that's the most snow we've had in 3 years.  The total precipitation for Bismarck so far in 2022 is 4.3 inches of liquid precipitation.  That's above the 2.8 inches of precipitation that would be considered normal for this time of year.

Now, a little more on the weather for this weekend.  According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, we could see upwards of an inch plus of rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Parts of western North Dakota could see snow on the backend of this Storm but blizzard-like conditions are not expected at this time.

After the last two years of drought, I guess we should take all the moisture we can get.  It sure would be nice to do a little fishing one of these weekends, however.



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