A 13 year old female has been cited for terrorizing following multiple school shooting threats in New Salem.

The first threat occurred on Dec. 1 when Morton County Sheriff Deputies responded to New Salem-Almont High School when graffiti was found on a bathroom wall stating that a school shooting would take place between 1:30 and 2:30.

The school went on lockdown and officers arrived on scene and found no weapons, no injuries and no threats.

On the afternoon of Dec. 5, officers from the Morton County Sheriff's Department responded to the school again following another incident of graffiti on a bathroom wall warning that a school shooting would take place.

The school was put on lockdown at about 2:30pm. Officers secured the area and again found no weapons, no evidence of shots fired, and no injuries.

Students were escorted from the school. The scheduled basketball games at 4:30 still took place but with a law enforcement presence.

Today, according to a Facebook post on the Morton County Sheriff's Facebook page, a 13 year old female student was cited with terrorizing and has been suspended from school until she appears in juvenile court.

The student's name was not released.

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