I'm from California, and droughts are no stranger to me. When I moved to North Dakota over seven years ago, I would have never guessed that I would run into some of the same kind of things I left behind - like fires. Here in North Dakota, we have been in a drought for more than a year and it is expected to last but some say they’re hopeful that wetter conditions are on the way. Hydrologists say the moisture expected through summer will not be enough to reverse some of the damage that has already occurred - according to KFYRTVObviously, North Dakota growers are feeling the effects of the absence of rain. This dryness that has stuck around, and the frequent high winds we getting rolling in from time to time could result in out-of-control fires.

There are Burn Ban Restrictions and Fire Danger Maps set up to keep you up to speed on fire conditions - You can check it out daily at ndresponse.govThe Burn Bans, of course, is there to keep us all safe, and according to KFYRTV in Minot, North Dakota - Ward County Dep. State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz explains that the sheriff’s office has not yet had too many issues with any violations so far this year. He went to say "that most people respect the Bans and treat them with dignity" 

"Most" -  but what about the few that don't care, and do what they want? If they are caught violating the rules, it could lead to a class B misdemeanor, 30 days in jail, and a fine of up to $1,500. So to make it pretty clear, the best thing you can do is be one of the "Most" crowd.



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