As the year ends and we look back at the best 2013 had to offer, we focus this list on the greatest Super Bowl commercials.

Everyone had their favorite 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Whether it was Bar Refaeli almost swallowing some lucky guy in a GoDaddy ad, an old man wrecking havoc on a football field for Taco Bell or Allstate historical and hysterical 'Mayhem', it might just be hard to decide which Super Bowl commercial was the best.

So, we won't choose for you, we'll just give you all the choices and let you decide. Here is a quick rundown of the best commercials from the 2013 Super Bowl.

  • Mayhem Goes Historical

    Allstate's 2013 Super Bowl commercial with the familiar and hilarious "Mayhem" character may be one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever. It certainly taught us a little more about history -- and insurance.

  • Grandparents Gone Wild

    Taco Bell returns to the Super Bowl ad game after a couple years off with these insane old people and their crazy night on the town. Live mas.

  • Bar's Big Kiss

    The image of Bar Refaeli and this lucky dude going at it like horny teens in the 2013 Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial will never get out of our heads.

  • Amy Poehler and Best Buy

    Amy Poehler has a lot of questions in her 2013 Best Buy Super Bowl commercial. Hopefully they have all the answers.

  • Audi Takes Us Back to the Prom

    The 2013 Super Bowl commercial from Audi called 'Prom' brought us all back to our youth for a moment and made us wish we'd done things a little differently. At least we can cheer this kid on in this crowd favorite that had 6M views on YouTube before it even aired during Super Bowl 47.

  • Mercedes Benz Makes a Deal With Devil -- and Kate Upton

    For those looking to see a lot of Kate Upton this Super Bowl, they got their wish in the car wash ad, but this Mercedes Benz add gave us a sneak peek of the blonde bombshell. Willam Defoe as the devil was probably the best casting choice ever.

  • Toyota Goes for a 'Big 'Bang'

    Toyota’s 2013 Super Bowl commercial involving Kaley Cuoco definitely grabbed viewers attention during Super Bowl 47. We just wish we could see more of her. See what we did there?

  • Wheat Thins Gets a 'Big' Star

    Could you protect your Wheat Thins from a yeti? Would you even try? This guy did to hilarious results.

  • VW Says 'Get Happy'

    Easily the most controversial commercial of the 2013 Super Bowl, VW wanted everyone to 'Get Happy' but a lot more people got mad at what they felt was a racist ad. We'll let you decide.

  • Pepsi Next Helps People Party Plan

    Did you plan your Super Bowl 2013 party with the help of this Pepsi Next commercial? Probably not.

  • Pizza Hut Salutes Quarterbacks

    Wait? That's why quarterbacks yell "hut" during the game? Makes sense. Although, Peyton Manning probably yells Pappa John's!

  • Introducing the 'Space Babies'

    Little kids always make for the best Super Bowl commercials. These kids are -- wait for it -- out of this world.

  • Bud Light's 'Lucky Seat'

    Can a curse work on a lucky chair? Doesn't hurt to find out. Also doesn't hurt to get Stevie Wonder involved.

  • M&M's Love Ballad

    Would anyone really want to get eaten for love?

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