Here’s a not-so-jolly statistic: most couples will argue five times a day between now and New Year’s Day. So, here’s expert advice to help you preserve your relationship:




Be willing to compromise. In one survey, the top reason for holiday disagreements was where to spend Christmas. Couples counselors say the best way to find a compromise is to focus on logistical issues – like the cost of travel - instead of emotional ones, like, “My parents will be disappointed if we don’t come” – or – “You never want to go to my in-laws because you hate them.”

Let go of at least one little thing every day. Howard Markman wrote Fighting for Your Marriage. And he says that hectic schedules and rising financial pressure magnify minor offenses – and make mountains out of molehills – things you wouldn’t even notice at another time of the year. So, let the little stuff go.

Skip the shopping and spend more time together. A recent study found that the people who said they enjoyed the holidays the most spent the least amount of time worrying about buying gifts. And the two things that bring the most joy to people during the holidays are: being with loved ones and family traditions.

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