The legend himself Casey Kasem counts down the biggest hits each and every weekend on Cool 98.7.

We've added Casey's 80s show - American Top 40 - The 80's each and every Saturday morning from 6 to 10.  Each week Casey will countdown a different year from the 80's from whatever time of the year it currently is.  As an example, Casey may countdown the biggest hits from April 10th 1982 this weekend?

Nostalgia at it's finest each and every weekend on Cool 98.7.  It's amazing how certain songs take you back to that exact date and time in your life when that song first came out.  Relieve all the great memories from the 80's each and every weekend on Cool 98.7 this Saturday from 6 to 10am.

Now if you want to do the exact same thing, only go back to the 70s we've got that for you too.  Casey Kasem counts down American Top 40 - The 70s each and every Sunday from 9am to 12noon.

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