This week's COOL Photo of the Week is an awesome sand structure.

Most of us when we build a sand castle just fill a bucket with sand, turn it over and that's the end of it. After 5 minutes, a wave destroys it and that's about when the boredom sets in.

But Lisa this week sends us a photo she took in California of quite the extravagant sand castle.

Lisa Setzepfandt
Lisa Setzepfandt

That's a lot of skill and effort. We don't know who created that but we sure hope whoever that person loves, loves the builder back. Otherwise that is an unfortunate and wasted effort.

And if there were any beach bullies who at any point decided to tear this thing down, that person is a really evil human. So let us hope that did not happen.

You can see all of this week's submissions in the photo gallery at the top of this post.

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