This week's $25 Applebees winner has us thinking of summer nights and our pets.

Jean sent us a great photo from 2012 of a dog named... wait for it.... Dog! Unfortunately, Dog is no longer with us but Jean tells us he loved climbing on hay bails and was a good dog.

Dog looks like a good dog.

Cassandra Jean Wolbaum
Cassandra Jean Wolbaum

RIP Dog. You look good as a silhouette in a North Dakota sunset. And you just earned Jean $25 to Applebees.

Your owners loved you and gave you everything you needed. You can now watch Jean eat at Applebees with her $25 gift card and know that you were able to give her back something other than your love... great food!

Check out the other submissions from this week in the photo gallery below or the video slideshow above.

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